The Grey Parrot stories emerged along with the Moose & Goose stories, but it was clear they were a different kettle of fish. More suited to a younger audience, 3yo-6yo say, they came about after a news item showed a talking grey parrot who seemed to be too clever by half.

Animals with big questions go to the grey parrot for answers,
and they do get answers,
but soon wish they had never asked …

These are short stories for kids, to be read aloud by a grown up at bedtime. They all follow the same theme. There are no pictures. Imaginations are essential. Participation is encouraged.

  • The Nosey Baboon (823 words)

    One night, by the river, a nosey baboon saw a bright shiny thing in the calm water, and wondered what it was.

  • The Marmalade Elephant (1047 words)

    The marmalade elephant was not happy. His elephant friends blended in with the colours and shapes of the grass and bushes. But the marmalade elephant was a bright orange against green grass. You could almost hear how bright he was.