In addition to the Moose & Goose stories already written up, here are a few more possibilities in note form awaiting their moment. With sufficient time or encouragement, some of these might yet see the light of day as fully fleshed out stories. See the history page for more about PP and SS etc.

Industrial Espionage

  • PP worried about SS’s “super crunchy chocolaty delights”
  • SS worried about PP’s “delicious honey slices”
  • PP worried about SS’s cafes selling tasty green scrambled eggs
  • SS worried about PP’s aerial delivery of sweets onto beach
  • PP worried about SS’s cafe’s “full english breakfast with monster eggs”
  • PP worried about SS’s “world’s softest toilet paper”


  • Harry Hedgehog and friends used for leaf picking by nasty people
  • M&G having a quiet evening in a bar when bullies arrive

Industrial Defence

  • PP steals SS’s nice ice lollies for his shops
  • SS wants to re-run a special offer

Tricky Problems

  • Winston P Rockafeller has a giant potato, wants giant crisps
  • SS wants cushions “with a whiff of orange”
  • “orange-flavoured crisps”
  • Seagull-powered bicycles
  • PP wants magic food delivery system for bathers on beach
  • SS wants straight wool from sheep
  • SS wants his house painted
  • SS wants to sell more umbrellas
  • Percy asks M&G for a birthday surprise for SS tomorrow. Nice, not nasty.

Tricky Problems - Situations

  • Prevent bird strikes on airplanes
  • Seagull flying alongside plane. Needs to pass message to passengers.
  • SS’s goats will not milk
  • PP. Rabbit farm. Birds eat rabbit food.
  • SS. Birds poop on customers in front of cafe
  • Fire ants are marching towards edge of game reserve
  • Building Workers on 38th (top) floor of 40 (planned), being hit by birds.
  • M&G read in newspaper that gold has been found in local area.
  • M&G closing up office for night, before taking a week’s holiday.

Tricky Problems - Zoo

  • PP’s zoo. Grizzly bear “Fred” can’t hibernate.
  • Peacocks choking
  • hippos at zoo will not allow their teeth to be cleaned


  • Man ask M&G to investigate a monster in his bedroom.
  • “snakes escaping from zoo”
  • The “fat thinker”, as big fat spider trapped in the sink in the office,
  • Shop windows along street, broken.