• Modular Origami with post-its (905 words)

    I resolved to use only post-its, since they were everywhere: we did Agile at work, and all thoughts had to spend some time as post-its on walls.

  • Angela Merkel is Eleanor Rigby (322 words)

    Angela Merkel, picks up the mace in the Bund where a cabinet’s been.

  • How to hit a (rounders) ball (459 words)

    It all comes down to minimising the variance, maximising the overlap, visualising.

  • Greedy Devils (204 words)

    It’s a vicious fight for supremacy across the rubbish heap, gathering weapons and food. Who can get a pouch full of foods to safety?

  • That moment when (112 words)

    a group pose, noble in intent and widely-tweeted, most surely ill-advised

  • Waiting for a train (175 words)

    simultaneously checking buffers on both platforms, to make sure their respective trains would stop at the same position

  • Cross Generational Puzzles (509 words)

    so had son the younger done all his homework for this weekend? “Mostly”

  • 9 hours (353 words)

    9 hours, is, it turns out, how long our house alarm’s battery lasts if you make a mess of fitting a new ceiling light

  • New Shoes (377 words)

    A slow scan of the choices available, the nearest sales bod getting edgy as 5pm loomed large. A smile which flickered between hope and despair as I asked to try on these in size 9.5

Currently favoured hypothesis

… is that the main obstacle to my writing significantly more than I do is that my handwriting and/or QWERTY typing are

(a) not fast enough to get it all down before it clogs up in the system, and

(b) often not practical for when the words start flowing, e.g. on a train. Hence investigating chorded keyboards.

Hence pondering a nifty combo of tablet/smartphone with chorded keys round the back, and is that possibly a new idea?

Hence searching around and finding it mentioned in a promo video. Boo.

Hence wondering if what I was doing was yak shaving or procrastination.

I was looking up the difference between ‘yak shaving’ and procrastination when I found that ‘cat waxing’ is also a thing.