You are greedy (Tasmanian) devils on an ever-shifting rubbish heap. The first with a pouch full of food, standing highest on the heap, wins. Everything you carry (a) leaches into you, changing your capabilities, (b) is a weapon. Pick wisely.

For the heap, shuffle 52 playing cards, deal face down as a 5x5 grid. Always reveal top cards. Aces low, Kings high (literally). Each card can be food (if smaller than 6), or a weapon (bigger is better).

You start next to the heap.

To synchronize each turn’s action, everyone reveals their coin simultaneously: heads => MOVE/PICK/DISCARD (first), tails => FIGHT. Toss for sequencing.

Your pouch of PICKed cards is visible: immediately DISCARD any duplicate values or more than 5* cards. Leaching from Hearts => pouch+1*, Spades => PICKx2, Clubs => weapon+1, Diamonds => MOVEx2.


  • MOVE: NESW, on/beside heap. One step uphill (if <4 higher) or along, or can keep sliding down, or stay (but not on local peak).
  • PICK: The card you’re standing on, or from below higher neighbouring point.
  • DISCARD: as far as MOVE.
  • FIGHT: Pair-wise, on same heap location, each secretly picks a pouch card. Compare as weapons, DISCARD both. Winner chooses card from loser’s pouch.