Stories: Collection of Collections


This site contains a collection of collections of stories, initially written for (and with) my own kids, then for colleagues and Whoever Else Is Interested (which could be you). Read, enjoy, share, and give feedback

  • the most recent collection is Predicting The Present, not for kids as such, more riffing on the now and the near future.

“… The first significant trouble with the simple voting model, however, flared up on the Glasgow/Edinburgh line. Here, commuting traffic went both ways at peak times, and the trains clashed with equal vote totals surprisingly often. Drivers were calling ‘foul’ and demanding recounts, refusing to give way. In some cases, it got down to adjudicated sessions of Rock Paper Scissors between opposing drivers, their passengers gathered round, shouting encouragement or imprecations. Commuting throughput fell, putting the Euro rail integration project in peril. …”

Loading Gauge

  • some riffing on the riffing, not yet a thing, but heading that way: some Extrapolations

“… A query, passed through the chain of connections back to the leaker-in-hiding, yielded a belated response, laden with expletives, mainly along the lines of “I put my life on the line to get this stuff out and you are complaining I didn’t make it easy enough for you? Stick it in a search engine.”…”

– More Emus: Leak Analysis Central

  • the original collection, for the younger reader (and listener), and the inspiration for all the rest, are the Moose & Goose Stories, as we follow the investigative adventures of two characters who aren’t in fact a moose or a goose.

“… Moose, who knew the way Goose thought, got the same idea very quickly. He drew a picture to explain it to Reginald. They could disguise the cookie oven as an elephant too, making the dough slurping end look like a head with a trunk, cover the oven with a grey cloth, and put the whole thing up on a table with four big grey legs. Reginald nodded. He understood. …”

Pin The Tail On The Hippo

“… Jeremy Thatcher, Dragon Hatcher by Bruce Coville.

Not too long. Touches all the childhood themes. And has a dragon in it. What’s not to like? The book builds up to a emotional climax that left the audience in tears. Great stuff. (wikipedia). Tested on a 7yo. …”

“… A Homemade Rocket Soars 37 km in 92 Seconds …”

“… After asking several animals, the marmalade elephant eventually found a sticky tree. He chewed the sticky berries, and rubbed them all over his skin. They tasted horrible. They sounded horrible. They felt horrible. He looked, well, he still looked marmalade. …”

The Marmalade Elephant


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